To improve stormwater runoff and reduce the potential for flash flooding, A&S designed a comprehensive stormwater drainage plan for the Houston Airport System...

Project Duration: Ongoing project - January 2007 to present
Client: City of Houston Airport System (A&S is the H&H consultant to S&B Team) 

Major Tasks by A&S:
  • Convert existing HEC-1 models to HEC-HMS for all 7 watersheds
  • Convert HEC-2 models to HEC-RAS for 27 on-site ditches
  • Update the HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS models to reflect the current developed conditions
  • Filed verification of existing structures and detention ponds
  • Review and update the airport drainage design criteria
  • Prepare summary report to document non-compliance situation

WWTP Rehabilitation and On-Site lift Station Conversion
Client: CNP Utility District

The Project consisted of construction of a submersible lift station conversion from wet/dry pit. A&S also oversaw the demolition and removal of the existing wet/dry pit components, three submersible pumps with accessories, piping, valves, header and force mains; made structural modifications; reinstalled conduit, wiring, starters, breakers, control panel and all other miscellaneous electrical items. For it to be a full functioning lift station, concrete replacement, new supports, and a host of other critical items were required to match the contract drawings and specifications.

The project also included a wash press replacement and coating more than 1,500 LF of various sizes of above-walkway piping.

(Key Map No. 332 J, K, P)


Lents Park Improvement
Client: CNP Utility District

The Project consists of tree/stump, removal, chain link fence construction, irrigation installation, 2’ x 2’ collection installation, and the installation of 12” HDPE pipe and all appurtenances per the bid items and exhibit.

(Key Map No. 332E)


Black Oak Sub-Division Section 1 WS&D, Paving and Bridge
Client: Black Oak LTD

The Project consisted of water, sanitary, drainage, paving, and bridges to serve a single-family subdivision called Black Oak Section 1 in Montgomery County.

(Key Map No. 249-F / 249-G)


Wastewater Treatment Facility Expansion To 1.50 MGD
Client: Spring Creek Utility District

The work consists of civil, structural, mechanical and electrical work to construct the Spring Creek UD Wastewater Treatment Facility with a treatment capacity of 1.50 MGD.

The Project calls for new on-site pump stations, an influent structure with mechanical fine screen and manual bar screen, three aeration basins, one new clarifier and modifications to an existing clarifier, four chambered disinfection system, four digesters, a blower building with positive displacement blowers, electrical power distribution equipment and controls, two standby generators and controls, a chlorine/sulfur dioxide and chemical feed system building with feed components, and miscellaneous site work including grading, drainage, paving, fencing and demolition of existing facility.

Also requires in the scope of work was the relocation of the existing sanitary sewer system that fed into the plant (this included the installation of approximately 1,000 LF of 15”, 18”, 21”, and 30” PVC gravity sewer and 700 LF of 8” and 12” PVC force main, and five manholes).

(Key Map No. 293-A & 292-D)