Site Development

About the Project

Site development projects have been dramatically impacted by the increased regulatory process. A&SE is experienced in entitlements for site design efforts and also regulatory issues such as utility commitments, ADA design impacts, storm water quality, flow mitigation, traffic studies, and flood plain impacts due to FIRM changes.

A&S understands that the time frame for project completion is critical. To that end, A&S staff uses milestone schedules to identify site specific constraints, recommend sequential plan review, permitting, and construction plan scheduling where appropriate, and design site civil plans with a reference to issues such as site drainage being established first, site access for construction activity, and building contractors having lay down areas where possible.

A&S Site services include:
  • Site development feasibility and master planning
  • Land use permits and entitlements
  • Zoning and land use
  • Redevelopment plans
  • Utility systems master plans
  • Critical path evaluation
  • Flood plain management and fill assessment
  • Street and access planning and design
  • Platting
  • Site earthwork and grading plans
Oct 06 2015
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