Utility Districts

For over nearly two decades, A&S has been providing professional engineering services to water districts in an effort to deliver more cost-effective operation and maintenance. Mindful of budget restrictions A&S staff assists the Board of Directors to address infrastructure issues, and provide economical and sensible solutions to everyday problems. Over the years, A&S has consistently helped mature water districts achieve their goals in all critical areas: budget, operations, maintenance and quality.

The range of services includes evaluation and rehabilitation of existing water and wastewater facilities, as well as design and construction phase services for new facilities.

Typical services A&S provides to Utility Districts:

  • Water distribution systems
  • Water Plants: new and expansions
  • Domestic water supply (evaluation, permitting and expansion)
  • Surface water conversion / groundwater reduction plans
  • Water conservation and contingency plans
  • Water accountability analysis
  • Rehabilitation of existing water wells
  • Recoating of water tankage
  • Coordination with water wholesale providers such as City of Houston, NHCRWA, WHCRWA, and San Jacinto River Authority, etc.
  • TCEQ Bond applications and reports
  • Preparation of operation and maintenance manuals
  • Water and sewer rate analysis
  • Resolution of enforcement actions by regulatory agencies
  • Applications for use of surplus funds
  • Cost analysis and value engineering
  • TWDB loan applications
  • CDBG applications and project control
  • Annexations and out-of-district service
  • Utility feasibility studies
  • GIS Services
  • Sanitary Sewer Collection Systems and Lift Stations
  • Rehabilitation of Wastewater Collection Systems
  • Feasibility Studies and Master Plans
  • Wastewater Treatment Facilities (planning, design, permitting, and expansion)
  • Rehabilitation Plans for Operating Facilities
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Observation
  • Program Management
  • Contract Bid Services
  • Pre-Qualification of Contractors
  • Flood Impact Analysis
  • Sheet Flow Evaluation
  • Flood Plain Review
  • Storm Water pump stations
  • Detention ponds and permitting