What We Do
A&S primarily focuses on providing services to water district clients, developers and municipalities. Attention to detail and quality, at all project stages, has been what sets A&S apart from similar firms.
Throughout the years A&S has consistently received outstanding ratings from clients for timelines, responsiveness and constructibility of our designs.

A&S has extensive experience in design of water plants, wastewater treatment plants, residential subdivisions, water distribution systems, sewage collection systems, site developments and drainage facilities. Operational effectiveness is another area where A&S has proven to be a valuable resource. Now more than ever, cost-effective operation and maintenance is important to each district’s success in serving customers within the district.



A&S encourages continuous communication and on-going coordination with the Directors and the District Operator. This affords A&S the ability to identify potential operation and maintenance problems and then promptly work toward providing effective engineering solutions.

Close communication is the key to success for effective water district operation and management. A&S also communicates extensively with attorneys, bookkeepers and other district consultants to assure close and timely coordination of ongoing activities.



A&S is “in touch” with regulatory agencies and personnel. A&S is knowledgeable of current regulations and design criteria. This information is passed on to clients to plan for the future.

A&S is convinced that inspection and observation during construction is vital to reduce maintenance costs throughout the life of the facilities. Preparation of accurate “as-built” drawings is essential to efficient operation and orderly development water district infrastructure.