Construction & Program Management

Successful construction and program management comes down to A&S’s ability to assist clients in timely completion of entitlements. During the entitlements process, A&S works with clients to develop project concepts, milestone schedules, and master plans. As a result, clients can move forward with reduced risk, reliable schedules, timely lot and site sales, and project success.


Our success is based upon our senior engineering staff involvement. We use their experience and technical background to lead the project team, as the team identifies, evaluates, plans, avoids constraints, and solves the problems facing a project.


A&S design of infrastructure utilizes the milestone strategy plans for the panning, design, and execution of water, sewer, paving and drainage systems. We focus our staff experience and capability on the concept stages and then use that continuity to lead into effective and predictable design and cost effective plans. The senior staff involvement continues through the bidding and construction process.

A&S Construction services include:

  • Contract administration
  • Project bidding
  • Field project representation
  • Construction observation
  • Submittal review and conformance
  • Design review for constructability
  • Pay application review and processing

Our successful construction and program management boils down to assisting clients in timely completion of entitlements.