Our Background

A&S Engineers (A&S) opened its doors for business in May 1999. Then owners, Jim Ainsworth and Dan Sherwood joined forces after accumulating over 60 years of combined engineering service experience. Their vision? To provide the highest level of personalized service to its clients. Later that year A&S acquired selected assets from ICF Kaiser/Georgia Wilson, Inc. In this transaction, A&S assumed numerous water district clients including two regional wastewater treatment plants and two regional water plants.

A&S has a dedicated Land Development group that provides developers and water district clients in preparing new developments with water, sanitary sewer and drainage services.

Today, A&S has grown to over 60 employees including experienced licensed professional engineers, numerous graduate engineers, and full complement of support staff including CAD designers, field personnel and administrative staff. Currently, A&S is the Engineer for over 30 municipalities.

Our Qualifications

A&S has qualifications and expertise in all facets of consulting engineering services to our clients:

  • Water plant design & rehabilitation
  • Water treatment plant design & rehabilitation
  • Water well design
  • Rehabilitation of wastewater collection systems
  • Rehabilitation of water distribution systems
  • Rehabilitation of existing water wells
  • Coordination with regulatory and funding agencies
  • Water accountability analysis
  • Water and sewer rate analysis
  • Construction cost estimates
  • Bond issue reports and applications
  • Applications for use of surplus funds
  • Feasibility studies
  • Resolution of enforcement actions by regulatory agencies
  • Water conservation and contingency plans
  • Permit applications
  • Mapping of water and sewer facilities
  • Utility GPS capture
  • GIS development and maintenance
  • Annexations and out-of-district service
  • Preparation of operation and maintenance manuals
  • Cost analysis and value engineering
  • Facility evaluations & capital improvement plans
  • Drainage studies & analysis
Extraordinarily qualified with expertise in all facets of consulting engineering services for our clients.